ORCID : Professional ID

Display your ORCiD proudly

1. Displaying ORCID iD on your personal website or e-mail signature

To obtain the embed codes for your ORCID account, go to your ORCID account dropdown and select Account Settings. Under SHARING , select the heading for :

Display your ORCID iD on the web screen


Copy and paste this HTML code into your site's HTML in the area in which you want it to appear. Note that the font and text color will match your sites defaults and may not look like the Preview seen on the ORCID website.

To add the appropriate link to your email just copy the preview URL (with the icon) into your e-mail signature files.

Please note that ORCID asks that you don't alter their logo in anyway. To view the full guidelines on using their logo, view the page linked below.

2. Use your QR code

ORCID also provides an option for you to generate a QR code. Download your ORCID iD QR code and display it on posters, presentations, stickers, business cards - anywhere you want your ORCID iD to be found!