Your Biosketch using SciENcv

Why use an ORCiD account

ORCiD is by far the best method for entering information into your SciENcv for several reasons:

1. An ORCiD account will preserve your research information and provide you with a personal ID which is increasingly more necessary.

2. ORCiD can be set to automatically add items into your portfolio that have received article identifiers (doi)

3. SciENcv will automatically populate your My NCBI bibliography as well as your education and professional experience into your SciENcv!

Linking ORCiD to myNCBI

Linking your ORCid Account to SciENcv

1. Have your ORCID account set-up with publications and other information as you choose.

2. Go to (or to PubMed)

3. You will see "Sign in to NCBI" on the top right corner.

4. Select a method to sign in. If you don't have an NCBI Account, register for one.

5. If you sign in directly to NCBI, you will see your username on the top right corner.

6. Click on your username.

7. Use the Change button under Linked Accounts to add your ORCID account.

8. Click on "Change" and then search for ORCID.

9. Select it, enter your ORCID username and password, and authorize it. Then you should see your ORCID account listed in your Linked Accounts.

screen showing ORCiD authorization for NCBI


10. Log out of NCBI

11. Log back into NCBI but use your ORCID account to do so. From the "Sign In" page, click on "See more 3rd party sign in options."

12. Search for ORCID in the list.

13 Click on ORCID and it will take you to ORCID. Select, "Sign In."

14. Enter your ORCID email and password.

15. When that's done, you'll be logged in to My NCBI and returned to the NCBI account.

16. Click on "My NCBI" in the top right corner.

You are ready to go to SciENcv.