Evidence Synthesis

This guide provides basic information on evidence synthesis as it relates to evidence-based practice.

Structuring & Reporting Guidelines

There are various guidelines to help guide you in structuring your review. The most widely used is the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA). PRISMA has extensions for creating a protocol, conducting scoping reviews, and searching. 

In addition to PRISMA, there are several organizations committed to furthering evidence through reviews. The most popular are listed below:

Tools for Automating Your Review

Systematic Review Toolbox

Online platform that supports stages of a review, including protocol development, search, screening, data extraction, quality assessment, synthesis, report, reference management, and stakeholder engagement.

SR Accelerator

The Systematic Review Accelerator helps automate your review. It includes the methods wizard, word frequency analysis, search refinery, polyglot search, deduplicator, screenatron, disputatron, SpiderCite, TERA Farmer, and RevMan Replicant.

Citation Chaser

Tool that automates the process of forward and backwards citation chasing, sometimes called citation mining.


SnowGlobe is a program that assists with literature searching, using a technique called snowballing. Snowballing has emerged as the gold standard for comprehensive literature reviews. The process of snowballing takes all known relevant papers and searches through their references (which papers they cite) and citations (which papers cite them).


Free tool that automates abstract or other types of screening.


Free and open source tool for data visualization.


Zotero is a free citation management tool, but allows for deduplication, an important part in a review.