ENGL 1023: Composition II

A resource guide for English 1023

Genres on the Internet

The Internet is home to an enormous variety of information genres/formats. Some genres, like Wikipedia articles, are easy to find. Others, like digital stories, may be harder to track down. Below are just some of the genres of information you can find on the Internet.

Photos Poems Recipes Blog Posts
Wikipedia Articles News Articles Social Media Posts Comics
Memes Advertisements Protest Signs Infographics

The best search strategy for finding genres on the Internet varies depending on your topic and the genre of information you want to find.

Google Search Tips

A simple Google search can return millions of results in a fraction of a second. How can you refine your search to find narrower, more focused, higher quality results?

Tip 1: Limit your search to specific top-level domains to narrow your search.


Top-level domain names (the two, three, or four letters at the end of a URL) can tell you a lot about who controls the site and the types of content available there.

.com .gov .edu .org
This is an unrestricted domain. Anyone can create and own a .com site. This domain is only for governmental use, and is almost exclusively used by US governmental entities and agencies. This domain is only for education use, and is almost exclusively used by US colleges and universities. This is an unrestricted domain, but is often used by non-profit organizations.


Tip 2: Limit your search to a specific website.


When searching for information within a specific website, you can limit your search to that site. This can be very useful for locating resources from professional association websites or even government sites.


Tip 3: Search for an exact phrase.

"reading intervention"
"Every Student Succeeds Act"
"total water intake"

Use quotation marks around phrases to search for words in the order they are typed. Use this technique to keep important words together and search them as a phrase instead of individual terms.


Tip 4: Exclude a word, phrase, or site from your search.

-"Besty DeVos"

Add a minus sign directly before a word, phrase (in quotes) or site: restriction to remove that term from your results. This is very helpful when your results are clogged with unrelated, extraneous results.


Tip 5: Limit your search by date.


Use date limiters to find search results before or after a given date, or between two dates.


Tip 6: Check the Tools menu for more options in News, Images, and Videos searches.

Look for the Tools menu when searching Google News, Google Images, or Google Video. The News Tools allow for limiting to blogs. Image Tools give options to search by size, color, type, and usage rights. Video Tools include limits on duration, quality, and source.