Biological Anthropology

An introduction to the best databases, journals, books and websites in biological/physical anthropology.

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This guide will point you to the best biological anthropology books, journals, websites and more. Use the tabs at the top to navigate through the guide. Please contact me with your questions or suggestions for this guide!

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Necia Parker-Gibson and Angela Black contributed significantly to both the design and content of this guide.

Places to Start

Photo of a neanderthal skull

photo by Hyper-Aggie42 on DeviantArt, accessed March 2014.

To get started, decide what information you need. Need help? Please ask!

  • To find good overviews and sound background on a topic, search for books with the Libraries' catalog.   
  • To find more current research and trends, search for articles using our databases, such as Anthropological Literature, JSTOR, and Web of Science.
  • To find discrete facts, definitions, and background information, use dictionaries and handbooks.  These materials, both online and in print, can also be found through our online catalog. Some examples are listed under the "Dictionaries and Encyclopedias"  boxes on this page.