Scholarly Metrics

Google Scholar

Finding the citation count for author's work

  • Type in an author's name in the Author search field. You may include other identifying information or limits to make your search more accurate.
  • On the results page, "Cited by" below each result indicates how many times that work has been cited. Click it  to retrieve a list of the citing articles. (Note: Cited by number may include sources such as PowerPoint presentations and Word documents).

Google Scholar Citations

Google Scholar Citations provides a simple way for authors to keep track of citations to their articles. You can check who is citing your publications, graph citations over time, and compute several citation metrics. Your may elect to make your profile public, so that it may appear in Google Scholar results when people search for your name, e.g., richard feynman.

Google Scholar allows an author to add groups of related articles to a profile. Citation metrics are computed and updated automatically as Google Scholar finds new citations to a given work. An author's list of articles can be set to be updated automatically or manually. (Adapted from Google)

Google Scholar is quick to set up and simple to maintain. Sign in with your google account or if you do not have one, you will need to create one to use this resource. 

Google Book Search

Google Books

Finding citations in Google Books

Finding citations for an author using Google Books


Citations in books are not easy to find in article databases. By searching Google Books you can identify books or monographic items that have cited your work.
  • Go to Advanced Book Search 

  • In the field 'with all of the words', type in an author's name and enclose it in double quotation marks (e.g. "Joseph Candido"). You can add alternative ways in which the name may appear when cited, placing them in double quotation marks and connecting them with with OR. (e.g., "Joseph Candido" OR "Candido, Joseph").

  • Set appropriate limits to eliminate false results. For example, you can limit the results to a certain subject. Also, to eliminate results from magazines, switch the content options to 'books'. Click on 'Google Search'.

  • The approximate total citation count is at the top of the results page. It may be necessary to eliminate works by the author you are searching for from this list.

Microsoft Academic Search

Microsoft Academic Search provides many innovative ways to explore academic publications, authors, conferences, journals, organizations and keywords, connecting millions of scholars, students, librarians, and other users.

HathiTrust Digital Library

HathiTrust is a partnership of 60+ major research institutions and libraries working to bring together their collections in digital form and preserve them for the future. At present, it contains more than 10 million total volumes, more than 5 million book titles, and more than a quarter of a million serial titles.

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