SciFinder for Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, and Engineering

A guide to how SciFinder or SciFinder Scholar can be used in Agriculture, especially Soil Science, Environmental Sciences, various fields of Engineering and related fields.

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Cited References

Reference searches in SciFinder will show you what works by a particular author have been cited and how many times, IN the journals or conference proceedings included in the database.

Name variations and journal title variations are accounted for, in part, by the software (Soil Science also picks up Soil Science Society of America Journal, for example). 

Below is a screen capture of a search with soil science in the journal title and water as a topic, and Brye in the author field, and this is a capture of a few of the results. You can see the number of times a paper has been cited in this database by the numbers to the right. Click on Get citing to see the information on papers that cited these.

brye search with cited references marked

Authors' Names

Authors' names can vary in the way that they are recorded and cited. Searching in SciFinder with an author's last name will show you forms of the name that show up in the database. Then you can chose the particular author you intended.

Authors' names may show up as different forms or with different spellings. Last names and initials in common can still cause confusion.Even a less common name may draw up more than one author's works.

In the example below, I searched for Mouldenhauer, K, and got a whole array of variations, including her full first name and last name, her first and middle initial with her last name, and so on:screen capture of variant authors' names

Authors' Names--Alternative Forms

SciFinder recommends that you enter the name of an author or editor as you think it should be spelled, but also check the box called Select Look for alternate spellings of last name. This will find both the name you typed and variations, such as Miller, Mueller, Meuller-- in other words, names that are spelled in a similar way or that sound similar.

Note: Even if you know the name of an author or editor, it is a good idea to try this feature. Names may have been spelled differently in the source material used to compile the database.

Hyphenated Last Names

Hyphenated last names such as Smith-Gladstone may show up under the first element (Smith) or the second element (Gladstone) with the first acting as if it were a middle name. Try multiple versions of a hyphenated name if you aren't getting what you expected and check the author list for more help.