SciFinder-n for Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, Food Science and Engineering

A guide to how SciFinder or SciFinder Scholar can be used in Agriculture, especially Soil Science, Environmental Sciences, various fields of Engineering and related fields.

What's in SciFinder-n?

SciFinder-n indexes 1500 core journals in chemistry AND indexes relevant articles from thousands of other journals. It is excellent for interdisciplinary topics in the range of subjects covered, such as environmental sciences, water quality, and so on.

SciFinder-n includes articles, conferences, papers and patents indexed in Chemical Abstracts and Medline. It uses the CAS Registry to organize and allows you to search for chemicals and substances including biological materials. Within the substance file it lists property information, links to suppliers catalogs (CHEMCATS) and toxicity information (CHEMLIST). It contains a database of chemical reactions (CASREACT).

List of core journals in SciFinder - this is the core or baseline list, not a comprehensive list of all journals covered in full or in part.


About SciFinder

SciFinder-n is an excellent database for agricultural topics, environmental sciences, sustainability issues, and biological, mechanical, or chemical engineering research. It indexes: "journals, patents, conference proceedings, dissertations, technical reports, books, and more."  

It includes Chemical Abstracts for the chemistry literature, and Medline, one of the National Library of Medicine's databases, which increases its utility for health and food sciences, as well as for the relationships of other sciences to health concerns.

It often shows who funded a particular piece of research. SciFinder-n can serve as a way to find out who is working on the topic you may be interested in; it can lead to collaboration and cooperation among scholars.

You must register, using your UARK email, and create a password to use it. You must register from a computer on campus. Your password for SciFinder-n won't change when you change your Uark password.

This guide provides basic information about searching in this database. For more information, contact a librarian.

Educational Use Only

SciFinder-n is the educational version of a commercial database of the same name. Academic institutions receive a significant discount on this product with the requirement that the resource is only used for educational activities by people affiliated with the institution. Each person that registers for an account must individually agree to these restrictions.

If you are working for a corporation outside the University there are several versions of this product available for purchase. Please go to the Chemical Abstracts Services site for additional information. Some links are provided below.