SciFinder for Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, and Engineering

A guide to how SciFinder or SciFinder Scholar can be used in Agriculture, especially Soil Science, Environmental Sciences, various fields of Engineering and related fields.

Citation Management Software

EndNote Basic allows you to save citations to a personal database and then format those citations in footnotes, endnotes, or bibliographies. It is available through Web of Science/Web of Knowledge. Check out EndNote Basic help. 

Mendeley and Zotero are freeware. We have guides for them and can help at least at a basic level to get you started. 


Exporting Citations

You can export citations from SciFinder into citation managers such as EndNote Basic. Mark the citations, click on the Export link in the upper right corner, and choose an output file type. It may take some extra steps, such as saving the file as a text file. Then inport the citations in whichever citation manager you use.

See the EndNote Basic guide for more information.

Creating Alerts = "Keep Me Posted" or KMP

SciFinder calls their alerts or awareness updates "Keep Me Posted," (KMP).

To set up an alert in KMP:

1. Do a search--

2. If you like what you've found, click on the Create Keep Me Posted link on the upper left corner of the search area.

3. In the dialog box, click to save the search, indicate how often to run it, whether to get all or just the newer citations, and how you want the results--by email or saved within SciFinder.

4. To view the results if you haven't set it to email, click on the Keep Me Posted Results on the upper right top of the screen.

To revise a search, create a new KMP search, and then delete the old one.