SciFinder for Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, and Engineering

A guide to how SciFinder or SciFinder Scholar can be used in Agriculture, especially Soil Science, Environmental Sciences, various fields of Engineering and related fields.

Searching by Substance Name or Identifier

Chemicals can be found by chemical name, common name or Registry Numbers (CAS RN or RN).  The RN can be found on most material safety data sheets.  The RN is a unique identifier assigned by Chemical Abstracts when they register a compound, chemical, or substance.  Enter the name or RN in the search box.

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Searching by Molecular Formula

Molecular Formula Searching

One of the important features of this database is the ability to search by compound, substance, or material.  If you search by molecular formula, make sure you enter the formula in Hill Order - C(#) H(#), and other elements alphabetically.  Add a space between each element. If you don't get it quite right, SciFinder provides suggestions.

Structures and Reactions

SciFinder will allow you to draw chemical structures to identify a compound or class of compounds; then you can retrieve related articles, patents, and property information. You will need to load a free Java tool to enable this feature.

Several tutorials are available in SciFinder. If you need additional assistance, contact Luti Salisbury, Head of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Library.  

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Getting to the Papers

Once you have found the chemical, compound, or substance, you will request the references for the papers and patents associated with that item. Once you "get references" you will be asked what subset of paper and patents you want to review.

Get References

Make the appropriate selection and proceed with your search.  If you want all the papers and patents, simply select the "Get" button.

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Other Compound Related Resources

Three additional resources are available through SciFinder.  This Research Guide does not go into detail about searching these portions of SciFinder. If you need additional assistance contact Jay McAllister, the Engineering Librarian, or Luti Salisbury, Head of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Library.

CHEMCATS -- helps you find commercially available chemicals including supplier contact information.  Some pricing (at the laboratory level) is available.

CHEMLIST -- provides information about substances that have been regulated.  Information is provided on more than 395,000 substances, including basic toxicity.

CASREACT -- contains more that 42 million searchable reactions