Resources for French TAs

Introduce your students, or yourself, to pertinent sources at the University of Arkansas Libraries and elsewhere.

How Do I Get This Citation?

If you discover pertinent citations to journal articles in your online searches, use Find it!, OneSearch, or Fetch Item to track down your resources.

If we don't own or subscribe to the material online, you can obtain rapidly many articles and chapters via the Libraries' ILL software, ILLiad.

Introduction to Journal Articles

Although books are the dominant form of scholarship in the humanities, articles are valuable, especially those appearing in scholarly journals.

Some assignments require one to limit one's search to scholarly or peer-reviewed articles. "Peer-reviewed," "scholarly," "academic,"and "refereed" are often used interchangeably to describe manuscripts that underwent expert review before publication.

Some databases allow one you to limit your search to scholarly journals.

Specialized Resources

Note on Controlled Vocabulary

Most searchers rely exclusively on keywords to retrieve records in databases. In many cases using keywords works well. If you wish to retrieve more precise results, try searching by the specialized terms of the database, also known as "controlled vocabulary," and often referred to as "descriptors." The order in which you enter your terms can matter as well. For example, often you can best search by author by typing the last name before the first name.

Introduction to Book Chapters

Not all books contain a unified narrative from the beginning to the end of the text. Some are collections of essays, with each chapter having a unique title and author(s). These works share features with both books and journals. Like a book—unlike a journal—there is more lag time before publication. However, like a journal—unlike a book—catalogs do not trace the titles and authors of every chapter and researchers must use databases and indexes to search for chapters by a particular author or on a specific subject.

Book chapters are particularly common in literature, and as with journal articles, are well represented in MLA.

If you have difficulty attempting to track down an essay or a chapter in a book, I am happy to help.