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Folklore and Popular Culture in Special Collections

This guide provides an overview of manuscript collections and other resources covering the field of folklore.

About Vance Randolph

Vance Randolph (1892-1980) was the foremost student of Ozark life and was elected a Fellow of the American Folklore Society in 1978. He published many popular and scholarly works, including many Little Blue Books and some juvenile fiction. His major work is collected in the four-volume Ozark Folk Songs. Vance Randolph married Mary Celestia Parler in 1962.Vance Randolph: An Ozark Life, by Robert Cochran, was published by the University of Illinois Press in 1985.

Vance Randolph, Pineville, Missouri. (Mary Celesti

Vance Randolph, Pineville, Missouri. Mary Celestia Parler Papers. (MC 1501, Box 9, File 9)

Additional Vance Randolph Materials

Additional Vance Randolph Correspondence

Further correspondence between Randolph and various colleagues and acquaintances can be found in the following manuscript collections: