Counselor Education

A guide to library resources for counselor education.


I found a special issue I want to read on the web, but it's asking me to pay to access the articles

Never pay for journals you find on the web! You already have access through the libraries. If you found a special issue online, note the journal title, publication year, and volume/issue numbers and follow steps 5 and 6 on this guide. Can't find the journal in our collection? Follow the instructions for manually requesting the articles through Interlibrary Loan.

I found an article in the database, but I can't find it when I search by journal name on the libraries homepage

Go back to the article you found in the database. If it has full text available then you should be able to find a record on the journal using the directions in step five. Be sure to type the title in exactly as it appears in the database.

If the original article you found isn't available in full text, click on the red Find It! button next to the article. This will either direct you to full text in another database (which means you should try step 5 again) or it will tell you that the journal is not available online. If the journal is not available online you will need to request the articles via Interlibary Loan. The easiest way to do this is to use the web to find a list of articles in the special issue, and then search for the articles by title in QuickSearch on the Libraries homepage. From there you can request the articles through Interlibrary Loan and the request form will be auto-filled for you for each article.

I need to request the articles through Interlibrary Loan. How do I do that?

If you haven't already, create a free Interlibrary Loan account. If you can find the articles in Libraries resources (for instance, by search the article title in QuickSearch) follow the Find It! button prompts to request the item through Interlibrary Loan.

If you cannot find the articles in the Libraries resources, sign into your Interlibrary Loan account and look for the article request form. Fill out as much information as you can about the article(s) you need and submit the form.

Most articles are delivered within a few hours.

Finding Special Issues Using Library Databases

1. Choose a Database

2. Search for Counseling Journals with Special Issues

Search in the database for counseling in the journal/publication name as well as the keyword "special issue"

Screenshot of a search for counseling and special issue in APA PyscINFO

3. Refine Your Results

Limit your results by date. Use the Page Options drop down and select detailed so that abstracts show up in the results list.

Screenshot showing the publication date limiter and page options drop down menu.

4. Select an Article/Special Issue

Most of your results will be articles introducing a special issue of a journal. Read the abstracts to get an idea of what the special issue is about. Once you select the article/special issue you want to read, click on the article's title and then note the journal name, publication year, and volume/issue number.

Screenshot showing article details in a database. Journal title is underlined in red and publication year, volume, and issue numbers are highlighted yellow.

NOTE: At this point, do not worry about whether the article is available in full-text in this database.

5. Locate the Journal in the Libraries' Collection

On the Libraries homepage, click on the yellow Journals tab and then search for the journal name.


Click on the record that matches the journal title and is listed as an e-journal.

NOTE: If you cannot find your journal, check to make sure you have typed in the name exactly as it appeared in the database. If you are sure you have typed it correctly and you still cannot find it in this search, then we may not subscribe to the journal. You will need to use the web to find a list of articles for that issue and then request the articles through Interlibrary Loan.

Screenshot showing the results page of a search on the journals tab of the libraries website. Two resutls are found. An image indicating that the second result is an e-journal is highlighted.

6. Locate the Special Issue

From the journal record, select the database that contains the year of publication you need. In this case we are looking for an issue published in 2017, so the first three access options would work.

Screenshot showing a journal record in the library catalog.

The next step may look different depending on which database or publisher platform you select. No matter which platform you use, there should be a way for you to browse the journal archive by year, volume, and issue. For this example, we are looking for volume 45, issue 3, published in 2017.

Here's what browsing looks like in Academic Search Complete:

Journal record page in Academic Search Complete showing the option for browsing by year.

And here is what the same journal archive looks like on the publisher's platform:

Journal archives page on Wiley Online Library

No matter how you get there, once you select the correct issue you should be taken to a page that lists all of the articles published in that issue.

Example Search Video