OpenAthens for Remote Access

All about off-campus authentication using OpenAthens

Athenize Your Links

OpenAthens Logo Use the Athenizer to create links to library content.

Copy and paste a persistent link to an article, ebook, or film here to generate a link that will authenticate you when off-campus.

Ebsco, ProQuest, Gale, and Kanopy URLs do not need to be Athenized. See special tips on constructing those links.




Have an old, proxied link? The Athenizer will strip out the proxy string as well as adding OpenAthens information.

Be sure to TEST your links before sharing them.

The Athenizer Updates your Links

Special Links: Ebsco, ProQuest, Gale and Kanopy

Note that the following providers are not Athenized.

Instead, these providers use a customer id in the links to direct you to our account; just be sure these strings are in your links.

  • Ebsco
    • &custid=s8428489&authtype=sso,ip
  • ProQuest
    • &accountid=8361
  • ProQuest ebooks
    • uark-ebooks
  • Gale
    • faye28748 or younglaw
  • Kanopy


Athenize a Batch of Links

Have a long list of links to Athenize? You can use this command in a spreadsheet:

If your URL is in A1, pop the following formula in B1:


(Unfortunately the ENCODEURL function is not available in the online or Mac versions of MS Excel; but it does work in LibreOffice)

Link Doesn't Work?

Oh No!

If you have created a link that doesn't seem to work, please contact us and we will try to get it working right away.