OpenAthens for Remote Access

All about off-campus authentication using OpenAthens

Athenize your Links

Open Athens Logo

Use the OpenAthens link generator to update your links to library content. 




Note that the following providers are not Athenized:

  • Ebsco
  • ProQuest
  • Gale
  • Kanopy

Instead, these providers use a customer id in the links to direct you to our account:

  • Ebsco
    • &custid=s8428489&authtype=sso,ip
  • ProQuest
    • &accountid=8361
  • Gale
    • faye28748 or younglaw
  • Kanopy

Old Link? De-Proxify those URLs

Be sure to remove the 0- and from existing links, example:



Use our handy "Deproxifier" to remove proxy prefix and suffix from your URLs.

How to Use the Link Generator

1. Navigate to

OpenAthens link generator

2. Paste in your link and click the Generate button. OpenAthens Link generator results


3. Copy and test your newly "Athenized" link. 

If you have an opportunity to test your link from an off-campus computer address, that will ensure that remote users have access. 


Link Doesn't Work?

Oh No!

We are still setting up resources to work with OpenAthens.  If you have created a link that doesn't seem to work, please contact us and we will try to get it working right away. 

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