Collecting, organizing, and citing your references

Creating your Zotero Account

Register for a free Zotero account to:

  • sync and save up to 300MB of content online
  • participate in Zotero groups and share references
  • participate in Zotero discussion forums

Sync your Zotero Installations

Once you have created an account at Zotero.org, you can customize your Zotero installation(s) to link them to your account.

Once your installations are linked to your online account, your Zotero  library will be automatically synced to be stored on the Zotero server. 

To link your account:

Zotero toolbar

  1. Open Zotero by clicking on the icon on the Firefox title bar or by opening from your applications.
  2. Click on the gear icon to change your Preferences.
  3. On the Sync tab, input your Zotero username and password.
  4. Check Sync automatically.  and OK.
  • You may also choose to Sync full-text content but this will eat up your storage quota faster. 

Other Preferences Settings to Consider

  • General Tab
    • location of Zotero files saved on your computer
    • User interface font size
  • Search Tab
    • Turn on PDF Indexing to retrieve metadata for PDFs automatically
  • Cite Tab
    • Retrieve more citation styles
    • Enable Word processor plugins
  • Advanced Tab
    • OpenURL resolver can be set to use Find it!  (http://library.uark.edu:4550/resserv)

Working in the campus labs?  You can map a drive to your MyDocs folder and save your Zotero library there.

More info on managing your UofA MyDocs folder.  

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