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Understanding Marshallese Patients: Cooperating across Cultures

Below are five suggested health articles created by the Center for Pacific Islands Studies and Small Island Networks, in 2004. Among the authors of these works are Willa Ysawa Aaron, Wilfred Alik, Julie Walsh Kroeker, and Neal A Palafox. You should be able to find these articles in the UA Libraries catalog.

  • Improving Health Outcomes in Diverse Populations: Competency in Cross-cultural Research with Indigenous Pacific Islander Populations, by Neal A Palafox, et al
  • The Health Predicament of the U.S.-Associated Pacific Islands: What Role for Primary Health Care? by Neal A Palafox, et al
  • Formative Research to Inform Intervention Development for Diabetes Prevention in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, by Leslie M Cortes, et al
  • Cultural Competence: A Proposal for Physicians reaching out to Native Hawaiian Patients, by Neal A Palafox, et al
  • Vitamin A Deficiency, Iron Deficiency, and Anemia among Preschool Children in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, by Neal A Palafox, et al.

Source: University of Hawaii at Manoa

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