StaffGuide: Public Relations and Special Events

Provides information about library communication tools and special events, including forms.

Media Policy

Inquiries from the news media are a high priority and should be responded to as quickly and efficiently as possible. Every effort must be made to meet media deadlines and to ensure that all information released is accurate. For the purposes of this policy, “media” are defined as reporters, editors, photographers, and other news gathering persons—including student journalists—from newspapers, magazines, professional journals, television and radio stations, networks, cable news channels, and Internet Web sites.

Statement of Policy

Generally, the business conducted by the University of Arkansas (and in turn, the University of Arkansas Libraries) is public, and therefore is always public information. Exceptions are inquiries regarding pending litigation, matters involving a significant exposure to litigation, certain personnel-related information, individual patron circulation records, or information regarding a patron’s personal use of the Libraries.

Notifications and Referrals

Questions from the media should be referred to the Public Relations Coordinator for the Libraries. If the Public Relations Coordinator is not available, a notification of media contact should include:

  • Date and time of contact
  • Reporter’s name and telephone number
  • Name of media organization
  • The reporter’s deadline
  • Best time to reach the reporter
  • Purpose of the inquiry

Video or Photography Requests

Personnel on duty should inform photographers or camera operators that they may conduct brief shoots provided patrons are not unduly disturbed. Examples of such requests include local interest stories about use of the library during final exams, students working on class projects, etc.