StaffGuide: Public Relations and Special Events

Provides information about library communication tools and special events, including forms.

Publications Policy

Role of Public Relations in Publications

The public relations coordinator is responsible for developing, designing, and disseminating promotional materials; assisting in the writing and editing of various reports; directing and participating in the planning of public receptions, lectures, exhibits, and other special events; establishing and maintaining rapport with units on campus at meetings and functions; contributing to outreach activities and acting as public relations liaison with other libraries and entities off campus; working with the University Relations staff on press releases and publications; assisting with related activities as necessary. Questions regarding signage (floor plans, maps, and call numbers) should be directed to the facilities coordinator.

Advance Notice

Advance notice of publicity needs and deadlines should be communicated to the public relations coordinator as early as possible. Publications should be submitted a minimum of two weeks in advance of their press dates to provide enough time for editing, graphic design, layout, review, and printing. Advanced notice is necessary to insure that the Libraries meet all publication deadlines. This allows the public relations coordinator to balance the competing needs of various projects and incorporate the work into the workload and other job responsibilities.


Press releases are given top priority, followed by publications and publicity (e.g., Rise displays, signs promoting instruction, information about closures or temporary changes, etc.).

Prior Approval

To maintain a consistent message and branding, all press releases, publications, and publicity must be reviewed and approved by the dean or associate dean before publication.

See also Media Policy 

November, 2011