StaffGuide: Web Services

Website Scope

The University of Arkansas Libraries websites include:

  • Links to and descriptions of subscription and free digital resources and collections
  • Instructional modules and tutorials in the use of library resources
  • Digital exhibits and collections created or hosted by the Libraries
  • Information about library services, collections, and policies
  • Information about activities and services elsewhere on campus or in the University of Arkansas System

The Libraries' websites do not include:

  • Personal Web pages
  • Copyrighted materials without the permission of the copyright holder
  • Pages that do not comply with the style guidelines set forth by the University of Arkansas.

Web Copyright, Disclaimer, & Linking Policies


Copyright of UA Libraries Pages

All materials on this website are copyright protected by the University of Arkansas Libraries, including but not limited to all design, HTML code, text, and images, unless otherwise expressly stated. All rights reserved.

Use of Copyrighted Materials on our Web Pages

The U.S. Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. §§101-801, gives the owner of the copyright the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, sell, perform or publicly display copyrighted materials. Web authors may use copyright materials only with permission of the copyright holder, following the Libraries' guidelines for obtaining digital permissions (forthcoming).


While the University Libraries make every effort to maintain only links to information that is timely, complete, accurate, and relevant to the Libraries' mission, they cannot be held responsible for information maintained on other servers. Links to other websites are for the convenience of our users and do not necessarily constitute an endorsement. If you find a link that is broken or inappropriate, please report it to Web Services, who will refer it to the librarian responsible for that subject area for review.

Linking Guidelines

Linking to Our Web Pages

  • The University Libraries actively encourage other sites to link to our pages, provided that any such link does not connote an endorsement by or affiliation with the University of Arkansas.
  • Do not present University of Arkansas Libraries pages or content as your own. Do not incorporate any content from this site into your site (e.g., by in-lining or framing or in any other manner) or alter the appearance of the University of Arkansas Libraries pages.
  • If you want to republish in electronic or other form the major part of any textual content on University of Arkansas Libraries pages, please contact Web Services. We require that a link to the University of Arkansas Libraries site be placed with any hypertext republication of major textual content.
  • In accord with existing copyright laws, excerpts from any textual content on University of Arkansas Libraries pages may be quoted freely, providing that full and proper attribution is given.
  • A link may be created to the URL for an image on the University of Arkansas Libraries website but the image itself may not be downloaded into another hypertext document without written permission from Web Services. This restriction preserves the integrity of the image by ensuring that image files are served directly from the University of Arkansas' servers.
  • If you wish to reproduce or use an image from the University of Arkansas Libraries' website for publication in electronic or any other form, you must obtain written permission from the University Libraries in advance. For more information, please contact us.

Our Policy on Linking to Other Sites

  • Subject librarians select appropriate Internet resources for each topic area, according to overall collection guidelines. To be included in the Libraries' website, resources must serve the academic and research interests of the University. If you would like to recommend that a website be included, please contact the appropriate subject librarian.