Getting Started with Artstor

Introduction of Artstor, the major database of images for the visual arts and allied disciplines.

Selecting Images

To group images one must first select specific ones. There are two methods:

  1. Select individual images by clicking on the small box above the image and to the right, which appears after mousing over the image.
  2. Select all images on the page by pulling down that option from the Organize option at the top of the page (only available when the user has registered and logged in).

A border appears around each selected image.

Working with Image Groups

Any registered user can create groups of images, a good way to store images by category for subsequent use. You can retrieve a group at a later time for personal use or to present the images live to an audience. The full functionality of viewing the images (e.g., the ability to zoom) is retained.

To place selected image(s) in a folder, you must be logged in. You can then pull down the Organize menu and choose either

  1. Save selections to new image group
  2. Save selections to existing image group

In you pick the first option, you will create a new folder. If the second option, you will choose among your existing folders.

You cannot create a new image group before having selected images. This point was not intuitive to the Fine Arts Librarian!

In order to retrieve image groups, go to Browse on the pulldown menu and select "Image Groups" and then click on the desired image group.