Getting Started with Artstor

Introduction of Artstor, the major database of images for the visual arts and allied disciplines.

How to Export (to PowerPoint)

You must be a registered user and export images from a group. After logging in and choosing an image group to export, follow these steps:

  1. Open the image group.
  2. Click on Download above the first row of images.
  3. Click on Request PPT and then Download PPT.
  4. When the file has been generated—it can take a moment—the file should be saved to a computer. The file can be edited.

Each image will appear on its own slide. The title will appear below each slide. Click + Ctrl will open the image in Artstor if the user is online.

Images downloaded into PowerPoint can also be inserted individually into existing PowerPoint presentations.

Note: Pop-up blockers must be disabled. Each user can only download 150 images at a time and no more than 2000 images in a 120-day period.

It is also possible to export ZIP files (i.e., download apart from PowerPoint). Follow the first two steps in the list and then click on Request ZIP and then Download ZIP. Each image comes as as two files: 1) image as .jpg and 2) title as .html. The image files have no hyperlink to the database (unlike in PowerPoint).