Getting Started with Artstor

Introduction of Artstor, the major database of images for the visual arts and allied disciplines.

Duplicate Images

Duplicate and related images are grouped together in the database. The first image within the cluster is the authoritative or "preferred" image. Thumbnails for which clustering applies are marked with an icon with a small plus sign followed by three cascading screens. You can view all copies by clicking on the icon.

Sorting Results

Images are sorted by relevance as the default. Users can sort results by title, creator, date, or the criterion "recently added." The date refers to year in which the object was created. Images are sorted in ascending (i.e., chronological order). If an image is indexed by a range of years, it will be sorted according to the latest date in the range.

Viewing Images

Images are set to display as small thumbnails with 48 per page. This default can be changed to 24 or 72 images per page, as well as to large thumbnails. Double-clicking an image will display the image as a half screen.

Note: Pop-up blockers should be disabled.

Artstor provides a suite of tools for viewing images. Researchers can zoom in on the vast majority of Artstor images.