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Database description

The Sage Data repository contains more than 52 billion data points from 12.6 billion datasets sourced from 80+ source organizations. There are billions of charts, maps, views, rankings, time series and tables available for use in the Sage Data repository. All of the data have been standardized and structured, and are described with up to 37 fields of metadata, including a controlled vocabulary.  

Sage Data provides extensive guides on the use of their product in a number of topic research areas. For subject specific details see the link below

Source Datasets

The datasets that are made available through Sage Data are updated frequently. For a current list of source materials, see the link below.

Please note that the libraries' subscription does not include the following premium collections:

  • China Data Institute: China Yearly Statistics
  • Claritas Consumer Profiles
  • Claritas Financial and Insurance CLOUT
  • EASI Market Planner
  • Infogroup Business USA
  • Quarterly Workforce Indicators

Finding DataPlanet Contents via Quick Search

Dataset level records for Sage Data can be found in the libraries' QuickSearch. Each dataset may be found by title as well as through the source organization and through subject searching. However, when you click on available online - you will still need to search the Data Planet site.

Reading the QuickSearch citation

1. Data Set = Food Availability (in bold)

2. Data Table (subset of the data set) = Fruit (Juice)

3. Category = Grapefruit

4. Demographic Indicator = Food Availability

Date Type indicates that the breakdown of the data is by year.

Terms of use

Data Planet asks that use be limited to 500 charts, tables, and/or data downloads per work product. For use over this limit, please contact to request permission. Your request should describe the use and distribution of the charts, tables, and/or data downloads.

Data Planet Official Introduction Video