Getting Started with SageData

How to Download my Data

You can download data in two ways


You can visualize the underlying table you have created, by clicking on Table. You may download your table in csv, excel, json and xml formats.

As well as export all of the data in your dataset (or filtered set) using the export commands found on the bar. This allows you to export the table information in xls or csv, sas , and xml. Using these capabilities you can edit your own visualizations using other software.

You can also select pdf...


... which provides a description of the dataset as well as your visualization.



Where can I add a doi for my dataset version?

You can create a doi for your visualization of the data in DataPlanet. This allows you to refer to the illustration with a permanent indicator.

Some dataset visualization may already have doi as in the image below:

You may use this doi when referring to your dataset. However, some filtered datasets do not yet have a doi. Just click on the create doi link to create one for you dataset view. This doi can be used to reference your dataset view (image).