Getting Better Results with MedLine

What is Medline?

Medline is a database of medical literature, published by the National Library of Medicine (NLM). It is one of the best databases for medical topics, and for both veterinary and human health topics, especially public health, nutrition and food. It may be useful for other topics related to engineering or architecture, such as ergonomics or universal design. 

Many of the records included in Medline have attached full text, linked full text or will get to the full text via the Find It button. We don't own all the journals, but you can make requests for articles through Interlibrary loan (register if you haven't, but please don't register twice).

Below are links to our several versions of Medline. The NLM allows database vendors to have their data and the vendors put out different versions of the database, each with the specific vendor's 'look and feel". One result of this is that it is possible to search databases from the same vendor at the same time; for example, you could search in Medline (Ebsco) with CINAHL(Ebsco).

If you are looking for consumer-level health information, they also publish MedlinePlus

Searching in Medline

Search in Medline using your chosen terms, along with Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT (or the operators in the dropdown menus); the truncation symbol gets variations such as other work endings and plural forms.

For example: hip pain AND (arthritis OR bursitis) 

The MedlineThesaurus will show what the indexing terms are for a topic- Medline, CINAHL and PubMed share indexing terms, called Medical Subject Headings or MeSH terms or just MeSH.. MeSH terms exist as a hierarchy, which allows very precise searching if you use them correctly

Search our catalog

Search the Libraries' Catalog for books, dvds, and more. Materials from Medline, including journal holdings and government documents, may show up here. The relevant terms in the catalog may differ from those in the databases.