Classical Studies

Resources for researching the culture and history of ancient Greece and Rome.

Classical Texts Online

Because many translations of ancient works are out of copyright, you can often find texts online.  Be aware that these older texts will not contain the most up-to-date annotations or "scholarly apparatus." 

Scholarly Editions

A few noteworthy series of scholarly editions:

Which Translation?

In the library catalog, you will see "English" as part of the title of a work, denoting a translation into English.  Example:

Iliad Book 3-4 English
Iliad Book 9
Iliad Book 16-19 English
Iliad Book 24
Iliad Book Nine
Iliad Book XXIV
Iliad Books 1-6
Iliad English
Iliad English And Greek...

Check basic reference sources such as the Oxford Classical Dictionary, to find recommended editions and translations.