HIST 3383: Arkansas and the Southwest

Finding information on the history, politics, and cultures of Arkansas

Finding Newspapers / Finding Newspaper Articles

There are two different strategies for working with newspapers:

  • locating articles on specific topics
    Usually, for this technique you will need an index - or a digitized version of the paper - or a lot of patience.
  • locating entire papers from specific places or time periods
    Then you can browse the paper for local news and events.

Arkansas Newspaper Search

Looking for Arkansas news from a particular place or time?

Use our Arkansas Newspaper Search to identify papers by county, city, or time period.

Note that not all location / decade combinations may be available.

Please note that while we make every effort to include new electronic holdings, not all new electronic papers may be included. Ask us if you have questions about a specific locale or paper.

Newspapers Online

These resources have full text online that can be searched by keyword.  

Historical Newspapers in Microform

The Libraries offer many newspapers of historical and research on microfilm or microfiche.

Some noteworthy collections of newspapers on microfilm include: