Getting Better Results with Web of Science

A guide to Web of Science and some of its features.

Tracking who has published in a particular journal, IF it's indexed in Web of Science

Sometimes you may need to track who has published in a particular journal, from a particular place. This isn't hard but it's a little tricky.

1. Find out whether the journal is indexed in Web of Science (WoS). If not, you may need try a different database.

2. If it is indexed in WoS, look in the journal title index to find out what the abbreviated title is. These are not usually something you can guess. This one example is pretty straightforward, (Entrepreneurial Theory and Practice) but not all of them are like it. Paste the abbreviation in under Publication Name.


3. For your campus identification, use the Affiliation, and find your campus in the listing. There are separate ones for our campus, for Monticello, etc. 

In the example below, the title was the full title, rather than an abbreviation, in the journal index list.

(rice OR Oryza sativa) AND Affiliation(University of Arkansas Fayetteville) AND Agronomy Journal

Then, when you search, you should get a list of what's been published on that topic, IN that journal, FROM our campus (at least one author identified with the campus).