HIST 5023: Historical Methods

This guide assists with identifying and researching topics for historical study including how to find and use primary and secondary resources.

Facts, Dates, and More

Scholarly reference sources can give you a jumpstart into your research by summarizing themes or schools of thought, offering statistical compilations, or listing key publications.

History Series

Want something more substantial than Wikipedia? These standard history series offer more than fast food:

Guides to Historians and Historical Concepts


Subject Bibliographies

A good subject bibliography can save you time by suggesting key publications on a topic; sometimes abstracts or summaries of those publications are also offered

Caveat Lector: As soon as a bibliography is published, it is out of date. Scholarship marches on! So be sure to update your secondary sources by searching book catalogs and article databases for the most recent studies.

Subject Encyclopedias

These sources will provide articles by authorities in the field on topics, events, places, and persons. Articles will range in length from one or two paragraphs to dozens of pages. Most will give a bibliography of recommended books and articles for further research. There are hundreds of specialized subject encyclopedias. Look in OneSearch under keyword “encyclopedias” + your topic to find more.