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Learning Objects - Value of Library Resources

Learning Objects - Types of Information Sources

Learning Objects - Scholarly Conversation and Citations

Example Lesson Plans

London and South Western Railway (LSWR) T9 30120 Corfe Common 28/12/17

Full steam ahead! Jump on board and help us teach library instruction session for Composition I courses!

In order to ensure that Composition I students are receiving consistent instruction, five learning objectives have been developed. Librarians are asked to create a lesson plan that will address all five objectives. The goal of this programmatic approach is to ensure that all students who library instruction will leave their session better equipped to complete their Composition I assignments.

Learning Objective
Information Literacy Frame
Composition Course Competency
Understand the value of library resources versus open web sources Information Has Value  
Distinguish various types of types of information sources including scholarly articles, popular articles, reference sources, and databases

Information Has Value

Searching as Strategic Exploration

External source material supports the text's main message

Understand why citations are used in academic writing Scholarship as Conversation

External source materials are presented as coming from someone other than the writer

Text locates and acknowledges argument in larger conversation

Citations within the text differentiate between sources

Locate resources for research assistance such as library Research Guides and library chat Searching as Strategic Exploration    
Locate at least one academic source using library resources Searching as Strategic Exploration   Argument is supported by relevant evidence

Example Lesson for ENGL1013