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Instruction Planning Resourcees

Learning Objects - Genres of Writing at the Library

Here is a page which addresses some of the forms of genre, though they are using the term formats: Information Creation is a Process

and here is the link to the video on that page:



Learning Objects - QuickSearch and Altmetrics

Learning Objects - Assess Genres of Writing

Example Lesson Plans

COMP II (ENGL 1023) Library Instruction

In order to ensure that Composition II students are receiving consistent instruction, four learning objectives have been developed. Librarians are asked to create a lesson plan that will address all four objectives. The goal of this programmatic approach is to ensure that all students who library instruction will leave their session better equipped to complete their Composition II assignments.

Learning Objective
Information Literacy Frame
Composition Course Competency
Identify genres of writing available through the library and understand their value relative to other genres of writing Information Has Value

Searching as Strategic Exploration
Use library resources such as OneSearch and Altmetrics Reports to identify resources and track a conversation

Searching as Strategic Exploration

Scholarship as Conversation


Identify ways to assess authority and accuracy of information across genres of writing Authority is Constructed and Contextual  
Locate resources for research assistance such as library Research Guides and library chat Searching as Strategic Exploration