Getting Started with HathiTrust

Citing a HathiTrust E-book

If you find a book you would like to cite, click on the link to the catalog record.

Example of a result item with a link to a catalog record and the full-text

Click on Cite this to access an APA or MLA citation (sorry no Chicago or Turabian citation is automagically available)

Example of a catalog screen with the cite this link highlighted

Read online

Select Full View from your selected item from the list of results:

The sample record with the full view option selected

You will be presented with your viewer. The left column allows you to begin to download/print pages and search the full text. The controls at the bottom of the screen help you navigate the text. Hover over the buttons or use the arrow to see a fuller description of the action or select options.

The HathiTrust viewing screen

Downloading and Printing

Saving a copy of a page or a book is easy in HathiTrust. Printing is also easy but is a multi-step process.

1)  Locate Download on the left side of the viewer.

2) Expand Download to see your download options (note that in the above example I was on pages 10 and 11 - the scanning numbers will change if you are on different pages)

3) If you have not yet logged in you will be prompted to do so.

4) When your download is complete you will see a familiar dialog box. Select your option and then print as you would other pdfs.

The download panel in HathiTrust                     The save pdf popout


It is easy to share your golden find with your friends and loved ones. Just expand the Share section of the left hand menu. You can share in a variety of ways.

            The share area of the left panel