Getting Started with HathiTrust

Search Tips in HathiTrust

HathiTrust offers two ways of searching their content.

  • A Full-text Search searches the full content of a book, including title, table of contents, the text itself, and any other sections.
  • A Catalog Search searches a catalog record that lists basic bibliographic information, like title and publisher, as well as information about a book, such as subject terms.

Each type of search offers a basic, Google-like keyword search option as well as an advanced search option.

Phrase Searching: Use quotes to search for an exact phrase: e.g., "occult fiction".

Wildcards: Use * or ? to search for alternate forms of a word. Use * to stand for several characters, and ? for a single character: e.g., optim* will find optimal, optimize or optimum;wom?n will find woman and women.

Boolean Searching: Use AND and OR (capitalized) between words to combine them with Boolean logic: e.g., (heart OR cardiac) AND surgery will find works about heart surgery or cardiac surgery

Finding HathiTrust Materials

Items made available through HathiTrust are available in several ways:

1)    Individual items are listed in OneSearch

2)    You can go through the database link listed below and enter using your Open Athens credentials (i.e. your campus login and password), 

        This method will allow you to access individual items as well as create a collection.

3)    Or go directly to HathiTrust and log in with your Open Athens credentials (i.e. your campus login and password)

In QuickSearch

HathiTrust items are listed in QuickSearch

HathiTrust example from a QuickSearch entry

When you click on the link you will be directed to the HathiTrust Collection and will need to login. This will enable you to print multiple pages or whole volumes!

Logging Into HathiTrust

Click LOG IN; Select University of Arkansas; Continue; Select Open Athens and add your credentials

PLEASE note:  If you are a guest - you may still view Public Access materials but will not be able to download more than a page.

Once you have completed the sign-on process, you may receive an additional email to click for confirmation.

Searching Books in the HathiTrust Interface

 Look for the Search box at the top of the page. Once you have typed in a search term, you will see the results as in the image below shows an example of search results. You may search from this page as well

                 HathiTrust search and results screen


1. Keyword Search On the HathiTrust Digital Library homepage, enter one or more of your keywords to search. The "Full - Text" tab is automatically selected.
2. Advanced Search Use this to search by keyword, title, author, subject, ISBN, publisher, or language. Once you have used the Advanced Search,y ou will see your terms listed in area three 3
3. Filter your Search Here you will see any Advanced Search term or you may refine your results by subject, author, language, place and date of publication, format, and original location from the lists provided below
4. Availability

4a. is an example of a book still in copyright. You are unable to see the full text of the book but can search terms within it.

4b. is an example of a book that you may see in full-text.