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Theses & Dissertations

Master's Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation

Your master's thesis or doctoral dissertation should be submitted directly to ProQuest through the Graduate School. If you need help with formatting your thesis or dissertation before uploading into ProQuest please access the Graduate School Guide.

If you have questions about the connection between ProQuest and ScholarWorks@UARK, please contact the Institutional Repository staff by email at

Other Projects

Other Projects

In addition to your thesis or dissertation, we welcome your other projects such as: conference presentations, posters, screenplays, etc. Please contact the Institutional Repository staff by email at

When you submit your work for posting in ScholarWorks@UARK, please include the signed Student Works Agreement (below). If you are submitting audio or video recordings, please complete the Rights Clearance form as well. 

For publishing and sharing your data please visit the Open Data research guide.