ScholarWorks@UARK User Guides

Usage Statistics

Once you have created your account and your work has been viewed (hits) or downloaded then you will receive an automated monthly email from Digital Commons sharing how many views (hits) and downloads your work has gained. If at any time you want to see your downloads or hits you can access your Author Dashboard by signing into your Digital Commons account. 

Monitor Your Impact Metrics

After you’ve posted your work in ScholarWorks@UARK, visit the Digital Commons impact metrics dashboard where you can monitor views, downloads, and users’ global locations. The integrated analytical program PlumX Metrics also tracks citations, attention in the news media, and even social media activity. 

The Author Dashboard Guide provides an overview of all the metrics available.

The PlumX Guide gives a complete introduction to this feature.

If you're not familiar with impact metrics or you'd like a refresher, visit the Scholarly Metrics Research Guide.