StaffGuide: Serials

Equipment and Supplies

This section includes information on:

  • Network Printers
  • Information about the Serials Departmental Phones (VoIP Service)
  • Serials Zebra Printers
  • General Information about Requesting Supplies
  • Using the Trello Request Board

Here you can find information for:

  • Connecting to Network Printers


  • Select Start
  • Select Computer
  • In the Location/search bar, type \\alexandria to navigate to the Alexandria network.
  • Double click on the icon of the printer you want.  For example, for the network color printer in cataloging right click on

‚ÄčPrinter Icon

  • Select Connect.
  • Wait for it to find the driver. Once it finishes processing, the printer will show up in your list of printer options at Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers where you can set default printer and other options.

Network Printer

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service:

The University of Arkansas is modernizing communications! Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service is a modern and sustainable digital communication solution that can be used with physical office phones or on mobile devices from anywhere with an internet connection.

Check out the VoIP training and how-tos page here.


Serials Supplies

General office supplies for library personnel can be obtained by visiting the sink/filing cabinet area in the back of large library staffing area (MULN 214). Supplies are stored in the cabinets with the contents of each cabinet listed on the door. When you take supplies from this area, be sure to mark what you have taken on the sign out sheet on the counter.

The Serials department flashlight is located by the pillar in the middle of serials on the wooden book truck.

Specific supplies and locations: 

  • Barcodes: When low on barcodes, notify the Serials Librarian.
  • Color paper: Can be found on the shelves in room 214 located along the outer wall closest to Binding.  
  • White paper: Reams of white paper can be found in the Serials Acquisitions Manager's office-  room 214B. Do not take reams of white paper from the Content Services Copier Room for printers in the Serials Department. 
  • Zebra printer supplies:
    • Printer ribbons and labels for the Zebra printers are found on the shelves in room 214 located along the outer wall closest to Binding.  Please notify the Serials Access Specialist when the supplies are low.
  • EPSON printer labels: Are found on the shelves in room 214 located along the outer wall closest to Binding.
  • Binders: Found in Serials Compact Storage.
  • Microfiche sleeves (microfiche envelopes): At the Serials Processing Specialist's work area.
  • Security strips: The supply of security strips can be found at the Serials Access Specialist work area. At the moment of taking the last package, notify the Serials Access Specialist to look into ordering this supply.
    • Serials Access Specialist: Before ordering, please notify the Serials Librarian first.
  • Toner cartridges: Ask the Serials Access Specialist for toner cartridge.
  • Batteries: Ask the Serials Access Specialist for batteries.

Used toner cartridges and batteries:

  • Can be placed in the Serials outgoing mail basket for Shipping and Receiving to pick up and then recycle.

Running low on a particular supply?

  • Notify the Serials Access Specialist to reorder.

Trello Request Board

The Serials "Requests" board is used to post cards about any requests for hardware, software, other equipment, professional development. A list was created for each kind of request.


- Hardware
-  Software
- Other Equipment
- Professional Development

(Note: You may need to request permission to join the board before posting).