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Trello Overview

What is Trello?

Trello is the easy, free, flexible, and visual way to manage your projects and organize anything!

How does Serials use Trello?

The Serials Department uses Trello to report various items needing attention; for example, titles that are being dropped and the last issue has arrived, skipped issues that need to be claimed, issues that have specific instructions for when they arrive, etc. Trello makes workflow more efficient and streamlined by allowing users to create boards that contain columns, which then contain cards that pertain to a specific item. Each column represents a specific category or stage in the workflow (i.e. to do, in progress, done, etc.) and cards can be moved from column to column with relative ease. Most of these boards have a card towards the top entitled "how to use this board" containing instructions and a brief explanation of the board's purpose. Feel free to create personal boards and/or new boards that make workflow easier for any Serials-related tasks.

Below you will find useful information and links about Trello.


Trello basics - Getting Started with Trello

Account setup - Create a Trello Account

E-mail integration (allows you to integrate Trello with Office 365 and create Trello cards using e-mails, commonly used in the "Issues to Watch Out For" board).