StaffGuide: User Services

Fines, Invoice, and Replacements FAQ

Overdue fines -

  • Courtesy overdue reminder notices are sent to all patrons via campus e-mail or email listed on patron record. Failure to receive the courtesy notice does not, however, exempt borrowers from fines.
  • The status of checked out items is available for review online by using “My Library Account”, using the library’s Texting Service, or by calling the Circulation Desk (479) 575-4104.
  • Overdue fines are not charged if library materials are returned within the five-day grace period.
  • A fine is assessed on books and musical scores that are six or more days overdue. The charge is three dollars ($3.00) for the sixth day and fifty cents ($.50) for each day thereafter.
  • Fines for other materials such as reference materials and reserve items are higher.
  • Charges for damaged books vary according to the amount of damage.
  • Overdue fines for laptop computers and other equipment are assessed by the Campus IT Department, not the library.

Invoices - 

  • When materials are thirty days overdue (for all patrons except faculty), an invoice is sent. The amount of the invoice is a fifteen dollar ($15.00) fine for thirty days overdue plus the replacement cost for the book based on average current book prices by subject.
  • Overdue reserve materials may be fined up to thirty dollars ($30.00), and overdue recalled items may accrue a fine of up to thirty dollars ($30.00). Faculty members are billed at sixty days overdue, but a fine is not charged.
  • All fines and invoices must be paid to the Treasurer's Office or using UAConnect. Patrons who are invoiced for materials are blocked from circulation privileges until materials are returned or the invoice is paid.
  • Questions about an invoice or requests for adjustments are handled at the Circulation Desk 8:00am - 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

Billed Items - 

  • Returned books that have the status “BILLED” need to be checked in and need Sierra credentials to clear the replacement cost from the invoice.
  • A Bursar tape load is created each day (usually first thing in the morning). Adjustments for BILLED items that have been checked in will be in the Bursar tape load the following day. The Bursar tape load goes into UAConnect late in the day.
  • The adjustments to a student’s record in UAConnect do not occur in real-time. There is a delay because of the way Sierra and UAConnect currently interact. Updates normally take one to two business days.
  • The User Services personnel in charge of Overdue Materials and Billing can communicate with the Treasurer’s Office to expedite an adjustment if there is a pressing need to clear a student (ex. registering for classes, obtaining a transcript).

Replacements - 

  • Patrons do not need to speak with the User Services Librarian or US Supervisor to begin the replacement process or to turn in a replacement copy. 
  • Any library staff member can provide the user with the information for the copy they would replace – print out the bibliographic record from the online catalog and ISBN, etc. Any information that will assist the patrons in purchasing the correct item. 
  • We (the University Libraries) reserve the right to deny the viability of the replacement copy. We often recommend patrons to send a link from an Amazon marketplace item or other vendors to the User Services librarian or US Supervisor. 
  • When a replacement item is received, patron and item records take a few business days to update.

Replacement Procedures & Book Price list

Searching and Replacement Decision Procedures

The following are elements that should be considered in deciding whether or not to replace an item in the Libraries’ collection:

  • Demand (past circulations or patron request)
  • Significance of the item to the collection or subject field
  • Accuracy and currency of the content
  • Number of copies in the collection
  • Coverage of the subject in the existing collection
  • Availability
  • Cost vs. value
  • Origin of the item (purchase or gift)

For additional and complete Replacement Decision procedures use the attached file below.

Attached is a listing of prices for the varies categories in the University Libraries Collections.