StaffGuide: Content Services

Procedures for Ordering Supplies

  1. Patty George orders supplies for the copy room. Please contact her if you see we need something.
  2. Jae Jeong orders for the main supplies cabinet, making a regular inventory of items needing replenishing. Please contact her if you see we need something.
  3. For items not stocked in the main supplies cabinet, please e-mail directly for items costing less than $200.
    1. Our preferred ordering source is the Staples catalog (, or if the item you need is not available, Amazon (
    2. Please supply a screenshot or URL for the item you need, along with any other details. Shipping will need this to order accurately.
    3. For items costing $200 or more, e-mail your supervisor with your request and item details. Your supervisor will forward approved requests to along with the ordering information.
  4. Contact Deb Kulczak when we need to order call number labels, Zebra labels, security strips, media packaging, etc. She will make these requests to libship, as we usually buy in bulk to obtain discounts and authorization will be required.
  5. Send requests for printer toner cartridges to We are gradually phasing out individual printers in the Libraries, so we may be limited to the supply on hand. Do not be surprised if you are told these cannot be ordered.
  6. Patty George keeps a supply of barcodes as her desk. (She gets these from Sherryl Faulkner-Robinson as needed.)
  7. Additional information about supplies is maintained in the Cataloging shared folder on Nautilus, sub-folder "Supply folder."