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Shared Mailbox Tips

Make a Web Shortcut to a Shared Mailbox

You can setup web browser shortcuts / favorites directly to the Outlook Web Access (OWA) page for the mailbox.  Just append the full email address to



Shared Mailboxes - Adding Shared Mailbox

Add a Shared Mailbox in Windows Client

If you were recently added to a shared mailbox, all you may need to do if close and restart Outlook.  If that doesn't work: 

  1. In Outlook, Choose File, then select Account Settings from the menu.
  2. Select the Email tab.
  3. Make sure the correct account is highlighted, then choose Change.
  4. Choose More Settings Advanced > Add.
  5. Type the shared email address, such as
  6. Choose OK > OK.
  7. Choose Next > Finish > Close.

Add a Shared Mailbox to Outlook Web

  1. Right-click Folders in the left navigation pane, and then choose Add shared folder or mailbox.
  2. In the Add shared folder dialog box, type the email address of the shared mailbox and then click Add.

The shared mailbox displays in your Folder list in Outlook on the web. You can expand or collapse the shared mailbox folders as you can with your primary mailbox. You also can remove the shared mailbox from your Folder list. To remove it, right-click the shared mailbox, and then click Remove shared folder or mailbox.

Add Shared Mailbox to Outlook for Mac

  1. Click File.
  2. Hover over Open then click Shared Mailbox…
  3. Type the name of the desired Shared Mailbox to add, then click Add,
  4. Your shared mailbox should now appear in the left folder list and can be expanded or collapsed as needed. 

Add Shared Mailbox to Outlook Mobile Apps

  1. Open the Microsoft Outlook app.
  2. Tap on the circle with your Initial or picture in the top left corner.
  3. Tap the envelope with the plus sign.
  4. Select Add shared Mailbox .
  5. Enter the email address of the shared mailbox and tap Add Account.

After setup, the app may default to showing all inboxes together on your phone.  To revert to just your primary account, tap the home icon  in the upper left, then choose your personal email instead of all.  Go back to all or a shared mailbox at any time by tapping your initial or picture in the upper left. 


Shared Mailboxes - Send As

Setting up Send as in Outlook Windows Client

The first time you want to send from the address of a shared maibox:

  1. Choose New Email.
  2. If you don't see the From field at the top of your message, choose Options > From.
  3. Click From in the message, and change to the shared email address. If you don't see your shared email address, choose Other email address and then type in the shared email address.
  4. Choose OK.
  5. Finish typing your message and then choose Send.
  6. From now on when you want to send a message from your shared mailbox, the address will be available in your From drop down list.

Whenever you send a message from your shared mailbox, your recipients will only see the shared email address in the message.

Setting up Send as in Outlook for Web

  1. Choose New mail above the folder list. A new message form opens in the reading pane.
  2. At the top of the message, choose Options and Show From (or ellipses > Show From)
  3. The first time you send mail from the shared mailbox, you need to add the address to the options available in the From drop-down list.
    1. To make the "show from" sticky in your web Outlook, go to the Settings cog in the upper right, choose Mail Settings, then Compose and Reply, then the checkbox for Always Show from.Outlook web settings make show from persistent
  4. Right-click the From address and choose Other email address

Shared mailbox on web; send as adding from address

  1. You may see a list of suggestions that make no sense. Just type the shared address.

Shared mailbox - choose shared mailbox from address

  1. The next time you reply from the shared mailbox, its address will appear as an option in the From drop-down list.

Shared mailbix - choose from address

  1. When your message is ready to go, click Send.

Reporting SPAM

Enable the new Report Message button in Outlook 365

In Outlook 365 go to the Settings button on the toolbar ribbon in Outlook 365, in the upper-right corner. It looks like a small gear. Click on the gear to enter the settings menu, then look on the lower right-hand menu for the option to View all Outlook Settings.


When you are in the all settings screen, look over in the left-hand menu and choose MAIL -> CUSTOMIZE ACTIONS. Check the box next to Report Message. In the window above the checked options, you should see a small icon resembling a white envelope with a small gold dot appear next to the LIKE, REPLY, REPLY ALL and FORWARD buttons. Check and un-check the box once or twice to be sure you see this icon appear in the example window.


Click on Save to be sure this change takes effect and then close the settings menu.

The new icon will only appear inside emails along with the Reply/Forward options, and should be just like it was in the example window when configuring this option. When you click on Report Message icon from within an email message, a drop-down menu appears with several options. Specify which category the email fits, whether it is junk, not junk, or phishing (scam or spam).


In the standalone version of Outlook, the Report Message button should appear automatically on the toolbar ribbon. Be sure you are on the Home tab and you should see the button on the far right of the toolbar.


This button is the same as the button in Outlook 365, with the same options for designating categories of various emails. Choose the appropriate option and send.