A guide to finding library resources related to Music

Library Catalog: Tips for Finding Scores

Finding Scores

In many cases you will find the scores you need by typing keywords into OneSearch or the Library Catalog, seeing an item you need listed, and easily retrieving it from a shelf or other location. But often a search is more complex, and the information below might help.

Keep in mind that scores are available in both paper format and online.

Search Tips: OneSearch/Library Catalog

On the Library Catalog page, you can search by Keyword, Author (entering last name first), Title, and Subject, and then later narrow to scores. 

Using the Advanced Search option, you can also search using a few more options such as Call Number, Language, and Publication Dates.  All of the options are available later using the general search.

For larger works  (my rule of thumb is about 10 minutes or longer) it is helpful to use titles to limit your searching. Remember several tricks

  •   Don't begin search line with articles such as le, l', das
  •   You can search by key and opus number but omit if you are having difficulty
  •   Use the spelling the composer used or try alternate spellings
  •   Truncate (use *) terms such as symphony or concerto in order to find the works in sets (symphon*, concert*)

Convert your search to a keyword search for both the composer and word/s in the title for short  works.

OneSearch: Step-By-Step Instructions

In OneSearch, choose "Library Catalog":





For the easiest initial search, make sure "Keyword" is chosen (you cannot narrow to scores at this point).  Then enter any search terms, such as "Leonard Bernstein":


Click on "Material Type" to narrow your search to scores:


Click on "Scores":


Click on "Print":


Your search retrieved 39 items: