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About Concert Recordings

These recordings typically document concerts held at the University of Arkansas involving music students, music faculty, and in some cases guest performers. While we have some recordings from as early as the 1960s, the practice of regularly recording concerts did not begin until the late 1980s, and most of our concert recordings are from the early 2000s to the present. The vast majority of these recording are available either on CDs or online, but some of the older ones are unprocessed and still on cassettes or reels.

Basic Library Catalog Search: enter the keywords "concert recording" along with words associated the work, the composer, the performer, and the year

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You are an Author!

As a performer, you are listed as an Author in OneSearch. Just search by AUTHOR and type your LAST NAME, FIRST NAME. If you perform on more than one instrument or sometimes conduct or compose, your role on the recording will also be listed.

Searching by Recital Date

All concert recordings are are assigned call numbers based on the date of the concert (YYMMDD) and the media on which it was originally recorded (CCT for cassette, CCD for CD). Most senior, graduate, faculty and honors recitals originally taped on cassettes are now available on CDs.

Notice that the year comes first in the concert recordings number. For example, a concert held on April 5, 2010 and stored on a CD would have a call number of CCD 100405.

Find Yourself in Concert Recordings

Some concert recordings must be used within the department, but many recordings can be accessed online. Regarding policies for obtaining copying, check with the Multimedia Services supervisor.


Search using the "Library Catalog" (if you use "OneSearch," it will also pull up articles, websites, etc.):


Type the name into the search box:


In the left column, you can modify your search in several ways to retrieve concert recordings, but currently there is no way to retrieve only concert recordings.  If you want to see if any online concert recordings are available, click on "Online" under "Availability."  If you are searching for CD concert recordings, click on "Multimedia Desk" or "Request from Library Annex" under "Collection":



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Check out the Music Department's page for concert schedules and current recordings.