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Student Curated Digital Exhibits

This guide includes information for students curating digital exhibits using Special Collections materials

Creating an Exhibit Shell

Red circle around the

1. Create a storyboard for your exhibit using the template provided.

2. Log in at

3. From the dashboard, click “Exhibits” and then the green “Add an Exhibit” button.

Red circle around the

4.  On the Exhibit Metadata form, fill out the following fields:

  1. Title: the title for your exhibit.
  2. Slug: the end of the URL for your exhibit (the example slug is test, so the example exhibit URL is
  3. Credits: Your name.
  4. Tags: leave empty.
  5. Theme: select “Current public theme.”
  6. Use summary page: leave this option checked.
  7. Click the green “Save Changes” button in the right column, leaving “public” and “featured” unchecked.

Red circle around the

5. Add a page to your exhibit. Scroll down to the bottom of the Exhibit Metadata screen and click the green “Add Page” button.

6. On the Add Page form, fill out the following fields:

  1. Page Title: the title for your page. Keep it brief.
  2. Menu Link Title: an abbreviated version of your page title. Make it even briefer, but don’t use abbreviations.
  3. Page Slug: the end of the URL that will link to this page. Use the Menu Link Title, if possible.
  4. Select layout: Choose the best layout for the type of content you want to feature on the page. Then click the green “Add New Content Block” button at the bottom of the page.
  5. Click the green “Save Changes” button.

Red circle around the gallery box

7. If you want to add additional content (more images, a different type of content) on this page, choose and additional layout and then click the green “Add New Content Block” button at the bottom of the page.

8. Repeat steps 5-6 until you have all the pages needed for your exhibit content.

Tips for Editing an Omeka Exhibit

Screenshot of Omeka ehibits

Once you have added an item to an exhibit page, you may find you want to adjust the layout of your page or item. There are several ways to edit items within an exhibit.

To edit an exhibit, first go to the “exhibits” tab on the left side menu in Omeka. Identify your exhibit from the list, and click “edit”

Screenshot of Pages in Omeka

Scroll down to the “pages” section, and select the page you want to edit.

Annotated item page

You can edit the text content in the text box, including formatting, or creating in-text links. You can explore more layout options for positioning your text and items by clicking the “layout options” dropdown.

Make sure to click the green “save changes” button after each change. You can check your changes by clicking on the blue “view public page” button. This will open a public preview of your page in a new tab. You can continue to make subsequent changes to your exhibit in Omeka, and preview each change by saving the change in omeka, and refreshing the public preview you have open in a new tab.

Edit Item

You can also make changes to your item captions on the exhibit page by locating your item within the page, and clicking “edit”

One change you might make here is to a link to the full item in the digital collection. You would do this by creating a caption, highlighting your caption, and clicking the hyper link symbol.

Insert link pop up box

Go to the digital collection you are using from, locate your item, and copy and paste the url into the url field in the “inset link” box that pops up when you click the link icon.

The default target will open the link in the same window. We recommend clicking the target drop down and selecting “new window” so the link opens in a new window.

Click ok, then click the green “apply” button. You must click the “save changes” button on the exhibit page after clicking “apply” in the pop-up window, or your edits to the caption will not save.