StaffGuide: Alma / Primo

Zebra Installation


Zebra GX420T Thermal Printer

Labels from: Barcodes inc (custom order, rolls of 1000).


  1. Install driver on computer.
    Located at \\nautilus\LibIT\SoftwareList\Drivers\Zebra Printer GK420t
  2. Set up printer labels and ribbon; see instructions at
  1. Connect printer power supply and USB to computer
  2. Turn on the printer and calibrate the labels by pressing the form feed until it forwards the labels and aligns them. Wait for the steady green light. 
  3. When you plug in the printer, Windows should recognize and install it.
  4. In Windows, type printers in the search box and choose Printers and Scanners
  5. Choose ZDesigner GX420T and then Manage
  6. Print a test page; this will confirm the computer and printer are communicating.

Problems printing a test page?

  1. If no test label is printed, check the printer connections and try moving the USB from one port to another. 
  2. Printing multiple labels? Turn the printer off and follow the instructions here:

  • Power off the printer and then back on.
  • Press and hold the form feed button,  It will flash once.  Then flash twice. Release after the second flash. 
  • The printer will calibrate to find the media start and stop positions. 
  • Try another test page. 

You are now ready to configure the printer for Alma printing using SpineOMatic client software. 

Zebra / SpineOMatic set up instructions