Minority and Women Owned Business Recommendations

The Minority and Women Owned Bussiness (MWOB) Recommendations guide is intended to provide detailed information on how to create a vendor account and initiate the process of doing business with the University of Arkansas.

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Introduction to the MWOB Recommendations guide

On this page, you are invited to view a short welcoming video to the MWOB project. Next, the team introduces you to the Minority and Women Owned Business Policy which was retrieved from the U of A’s Procurement Office.

How to do business with the University of Arkansas

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MWOB Policy

"It is the policy of the State of Arkansas to support equal opportunity as well as economic development in every sector. In accordance with the Minority and Women-Owned Business Economic Development Act, UA supports all possible participation of companies owned and controlled by minority persons and women in state-funded and state-directed public programs and construction projects.

Pursuant to Ark. Code Ann. § 19-11-229, 19-11-230 and 22-9-203 the State of Arkansas encourages all small, minority, and women owned business enterprises to submit competitive sealed bids and proposals for university projects, including capital improvement projects. Encouragement is also made to all general contractors that in the event they subcontract portions of their work, consideration is given to the identified groups."

For further information, visit: MWOB policy

Why is the MOWB project important to the U of A?

  • There is an underrepresentation of minority and women owned businesses working with the U of A
  • The university would like to recruit new competitive businesses and create new paths for businesses selling products and services.
  • The initiative is to build relationships between MWOBs, our state, and the U of A.
  • Provide knowledge and share resources needed for MWOBs to grow. Then, use those networks to scale your business if desired, and to do business together.

MWOB initiative goals

  • An increase in the amount of MWOBs vendors
  • Strong relationships between the NWA community and the U of A
  • A larger network of resources for all involved
  • A stronger economic community