Minority and Women Owned Business Recommendations

The Minority and Women Owned Bussiness (MWOB) Recommendations guide is intended to provide detailed information on how to create a vendor account and initiate the process of doing business with the University of Arkansas.

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You are an MWOB vendor: what is next?


If you are reading this tab, you already completed the five steps necessary to become a Minority and Women Owned Vendor with the state of Arkansas and with the Univesity of Arkansas.

Ahead, you should locate further information that answers some of the most common questions asked after completing all of the steps above.  Questions like, What happens next? and How can I look at my competitors?

The next three sections are:

  • How to look up your own information in the directory?
  • What can you do if after reviewing the directory you discover that you are not business certified yet?
  • How to see other businesses in the directory?