Minority and Women Owned Business Recommendations

The Minority and Women Owned Bussiness (MWOB) Recommendations guide is intended to provide detailed information on how to create a vendor account and initiate the process of doing business with the University of Arkansas.

Certifying your business with the AEDC


Certify your business with the AEDC

For further assistance contact the Minority and Women Business Certification Office at 501-682-7782


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What happens after I certify my business with the AEDC?


"You will receive a certification letter and certificate. Your business and name will be listed in our online directory. The directory is used by anyone that is actively attempting to increase or engage in the utilization of MWBEs that have been screened by the State of Arkansas as MWBEs."

For further assistance, please review the MWBEs FAQs located at the bottom of the page at the Get Certified site.

Once your information is confirmed, please note that you should receive a certification number.