Minority and Women Owned Business Recommendations

The Minority and Women Owned Bussiness (MWOB) Recommendations guide is intended to provide detailed information on how to create a vendor account and initiate the process of doing business with the University of Arkansas.

Requesting notifications to know about new opportunities


Additional information:

If you want to confirm your registration, you could contact the University of Arkansas' supplier team at supplier@uark.edu 

University of Arkansas construction bids and RFQ (Request for Quotes) opportunities.

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Final MWOB checkpoint


Once you have completed the steps detailed on this guide, you should have the following:

  1.  A supplier identification number
  2. An AASIS ID
  3. A NAICS code
  4. A certification ID

Why is this formal process important?

A formal purchasing process is important for all organizations including companies looking to scale. It makes purchasing faster and more efficient, and helps businesses better manage their operational spend.

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