Minority and Women Owned Business Recommendations

The Minority and Women Owned Bussiness (MWOB) Recommendations guide is intended to provide detailed information on how to create a vendor account and initiate the process of doing business with the University of Arkansas.

How to register with AR Buy


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AR Buy

For registration assistance, contact Periscope at 888-242-7020 or SUPPLIER-SUPPORT@PERISCOPEHOLDINGS.COM

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Did you get your AASIS ID?

You will need your AASIS ID number in a future step.

What is an AASIS vendor ID?

AASIS stands for Arkansas Administrative Statewide Information System.

Why is the AASIS vendor ID important?

The information requested is necessary not only to maintain an accurate vendor file but also to comply with the Internal Revenue Regulations. Federal law stipulates that each payee furnish an accurate Federal Tax Identification Number to the payer.

For further information about understanding AASIS IDs visit: Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration