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Welcome to the Data & Statistics Portal!

The University Libraries at the University of Arkansas are passionate about equipping faculty and students to excel in their respective fields of study.  One way the Libraries accomplish this goal is by providing access to a variety of databases and datasets. Taking advantage of the Libraries' resources helps support research and maintains the University of Arkansas's reputation as a competitive research institution.  Researchers extract datasets and studies to support or analyze in their own projects. Discover more about these opportunities by exploring these and other datasets.

Search for U of A Theses and Dissertations


Note: A record for each dissertation or thesis that has been accepted at this University is available in the Library Catalog. In addition, you will find records for a few theses and dissertations from other institutions. To find a listing of most of the theses and dissertations accepted at other universities primarily in the United States and Canada, use ProQuest Dissertations and Theses.


Specific Thesis/Dissertation

Find the dissertation written by Paul DeLaune in 2002 with the title: Development of a phosphorus index for pastures.

Enter DeLaune, Paul Development of a phosphorus index for pastures in the Keyword box and click on Search


Theses/Dissertations on a subject

Find theses/dissertations on the topic: year round schools in Arkansas

Enter the following search in the keyword search above:  thesis and year round school* and Arkansas and click on Search.

Note: adding the word “thesis" to a search will retrieve both theses and dissertations.


Theses or dissertations accepted by a department within the University of Arkansas

To find all the theses/dissertations accepted by the Department of English, choose English from the pull-down menu and click on Search.


Theses or dissertations supervised by a professor

To find theses/dissertations that Dr. William C. Bailey has advised or supervised.

For this search, enter Bailey William C in the Advisor Surname box and click on Search.